Shop From Britain

Firstly, what is “Shop from Britain” about?

In short, Shop from Britain offers you a window to the world of some of the best British brands with the latest styles, that offer quality and value. From top designer items to more affordable options to suit your budget.

We offer you a curated collection of products from each of the brands featured, as it’s not feasible or preferable to list them all. We merely offer you a window to their wonderful world. To purchase an item or see their full range simply click through and shop direct. Start by browsing by category now.

Product categories we include

Our primary focus is on clothing, accessories, gifts, various lifestyle and home styling products with a unique style or iconic British design. We are always on the lookout for British brands and partners who wish to access the international market. If you represent such a business, please get in touch 🙂

Buy from a UK business and support our campaign @ShopFromBritain #ShopFromBritain

Buying from Britain and finding products specifically from UK based businesses is not as straight forward as it would seem, even for those living in the UK. For those living overseas, British Expats as in our case, or Anglophiles in general, buying from Britain is a quite a challenge. Why you may ask? The simple answer is most people will use US based search engines to conduct their exploration of what is on offer, whose organic results are filtered and sporadic at best and whose advertising policy is based on who is willing to pay them the most money to appear within your window of attention. This obviously leads to a number of large retailers and corporations with deep pockets dominating the advertising space and the multitude of Britain’s great independent retailers and brands not even getting a look in. We want to change that and give everyone an equal opportunity to showcase their products online.

Our selection criteria for British brands

Our definition of a British Brand and selection criteria we use to select product:

  • The brand owner or the vendor of the product must be a British registered business.
  • The products must represent quality and value.
  • The products are at a minimum designed in Britain.
  • The brand or product vendor must offer UK and where possible also international delivery – even if only to selected countries. This is because there is nothing worse than finding the perfect item online only to discover the seller doesn’t ship to your location. We have taken the pain out of this process on the site.
  • Some British brands partner with international designers and manufacturers to collaborate on product styles. However the product is still sold under a British based brand as part of their collection.

We do not in any instance offer advice on the specifics of the products, brands or vendors and their terms and conditions of trade. We make honest assessment based on the information available to us and focus on providing users with a reliable source to discover and peruse British brands, then hopefully make a purchase direct to the store and support that business and in turn us too.

Not in the UK and wondering what British brands you can get delivered to your shipping country?

Recognising that the world market is global and customers are shopping from various countries has prompted us to include a product filter which will allow users to filter categories to find items by shipping country to which the vendors definitely offer delivery.

So whether you are a shopping for gifts for yourself in Canada or family and friends in the UK – you can refine the best options for your needs easily.

Wondering where the “Buy Now” button takes you?

Yes, on conventional shopping sites you can select and pay for product directly on the website. But we are a bit different. We don’t see the need to replicate all the systems required to handle online orders – we simply promote British brands here and leave it to you the customer to securely buy direct from the vendor.

Use the Buy From button on the product page to see their full range orcheck available sizes and colour options, then safely purchase item directly from the vendor’s own store. The link will open in a new tab and take you directly to their site.

This site is funded by affordable referral links at no extra cost to you the customer. The vendors save money, you save money, everyone is a winner!

How to get around the site

The best way to navigate the website is to use the main menu bar. All the categories of products are listed there or use this Browse by Category as your starting page. The Blog is of course where we share our news and related articles.

When you find something you like, but are not quite ready to hop over to the vendor’s website – you can simply add the item to your Wishlist (look for the the heart icon when you hover on the product image or click on the product). You can add as many as you like and come back to it when you are ready to select and buy the items.

In some instances you may find a product that is listed on our website but perhaps is out of stock on the vendor’s website. We try our best to keep the products current but as you can imagine it’s a fast paced world and some items run out of stock before they get removed from our system. Sometimes vendor’s give you the option to be notified when the items returns to stock, that is is your best course of action when this occurs.

If you have any problems on this Shop from Britain site, you can contact us directly via our online contact form. We do read our emails and respond and will endeavor to reply within 24 hours.

Welcome to Shop From Britain, your window to the world of quality British shops, brands and design.

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If you have any further questions we may not have addressed here please head over to our FAQ page.

May you have happy day 🙂