1960s Decade Box – Sweets from the Swinging 60s! – What on earth do you get that 60s child who`s got everything? Well ponder no more, because this is the most stunningly original gift they could ever hope for! We`ve been doing masses of research, and have put together this fabulous 1960s Decade Box – an enormous gift box filled to the brim with the most popular sweets from the Swinging 60s – if this doesn`t bring a nostalgic tear to their eyes, nothing will! Plus… now you can personalise yours with your very own message… and we have over 20 different label designs from which you can choose. It weighs a WHOPPING 3 kg (that`s 6.6lb!) and it measures 30cm x 30cm x 9cm (that`s a foot square and 3 1/2 inches deep!) It contains all these lovely goodies that will make the lucky recipent go all misty-eyed: Sweet Tobacco, 125g Taveners Liquorice Cuttings, 250g Traffic Light Lollies, 250g Sherbet Fountain, 1 Tube Fruit Gums, 1 Tube Jelly Babies, 250g The Best Rhubarb amp; Custard You`ve Ever Tasted!, 250g The Best Kola Kubes You`ve Ever Tasted!, 250g Drumstick Lollies, 5 Lollies Pascalls Liquorice Comfits, 250g Flying Saucers, 50 White Chocolate Fish amp; Chips, 250g Parma Violets, 1 Tube Super Candy Whistles, 4 Taveners Coconut Mushrooms, 250g Mini Love Hearts, 2 Packs Dolly Mixtures, 250g Fizzers, 2 Packs (Please note: Very occasionally, we may be out of stock of an item. It`s rare, but if it does happen, rather than hold up your order we will replace the item with a similar, equally nostalgic item – so you won`t ever be disappointed! – Qty In Order: 1 box

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