This best selling range of British wool duvets offers great choice and flexibility whilst also providing the practicality of being machine washable. Wool is nature’s miracle bedding fibre; it works to ensure you remain cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not, it can also adjust to two different sleeper’s temperatures. Sleeping with wool means you can enjoy 25% more Stage 4 regenerative sleep and wake up refreshed and full of vitality! Wool duvets are especially beneficial to those who suffer from allergies and asthma as wool is naturally hypoallergenic. Our deluxe range of duvets are easy to care for and long lasting; they contain 100% platinum certified British Wool and a 100% cotton high thread count outer cover.This all season duvet is a combination of a light-weight and medium-weight duvet which you can popper together to make a winter-weight duvet! This duvet can be changed with the seasons to ensure you’re never too hot or too cold in bed. The light-weight duvet is equivalent to approx. 3-5 Tog and the medium is appox. 6-9 Tog, so when combined they provide a cosy 11-14 Tog. The combination of strong poppers and deeper sleep ensure your duvet stays put.Size: Double (260cm by 220cm) Material: Pure washable 100% Platinum certified British Wool. DUVET 1: 200gsm (3-5 tog approx)DUVET 2: 300gsm (6-9 tog approx).COMBINED: 500gsm (11-14 tog approx).No synthetic layer. Wool layer is completely held in place by quilted stitch pattern. 100% pure 280TC cotton outer. Washing instructions: Machine washable on wool cycle at 30 degrees with special care duvet wash or other wool detergent. Line Dry only. Do not tumble dry.

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