Dover sole landed on the South Coast of the UK Recommended serving size for 1 person: 180g Skinless & boneless – ready for the pan Suggested recipe: Sole meuniere Skinned and beautifully trimmed Dover sole fillets – your minimum requirement when spending this kind of money. But then, you are getting the primest cut of the primest fish, if you’ll excuse our enthusiasm. Although you need a mortgage to buy Dover sole fillets, they are surprisingly good sellers, perhaps because they are all but unobtainable elsewhere. Normally one fillet per pack, in which case for two servings, you’ll need to cut it down the middle. Unless you have seasoned knife skills we recommend that you buy our ready to go fillets instead of trying to fillet the sole yourself. The Dover sole is one of the trickiest fish to fillet without losing a lot of beautiful expensive meat. Leave it to us……..

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