Orchira’s favourite couture design Etoile d’Elyssées of hand strung silver baroque pearls spaced with dark red garnet lariat pearl necklace. Totalling a whopping over 700 pearls in three individual loose strands, held by an elastic silver pearl bracelet, this design can be worn in many ways as 1, 2, or 3 three strands with a knot, the bracelet can be worn separately, to create various ways of look. The silver pearl lustre contrast elegantly with dark red garnet, creating a chic and stylish colour theme. Authentic cultured pearls Pearl size: 4-5mm, 8-9mm Pearl colour: Enhanced silver Pearl shape: baroque and oval shape Pearl lustre:Very high Gemstone: Garnet Gemstone size:5-6mm Gemstone shape: Polished tumble Necklace length: 35″ 90cm Total strands: 3 individual strands ended with a large oval pearl Feature: Comes in with a seperate elastic silver pearl bracelet which can be used to hold the lariat necklace together, or can make a knot to wear Total pearls: 667 in Necklace, 38 in the Bracelet Total gemstones: 120

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