What is Glossy Coat Omega? The ultimate multi-taskers – omega fish oils have long been recognised for their numerous health benefits including contribution to normal heart and brain functioning. Glossy Coat Omega contains omega 3, 6 and 9 to provide your pet with multiple benefits for their skin, coat, heart, joints and brain. Why choose Glossy Coat Omega? Glossy Coat Omega not only benefits your pet’s coat but also helps keep their joints, brain, skin and heart in great condition. It works from within to ensure that your pet is feeling great on the inside and looking glossy and healthy on the outside. Omega fish oils are the “good” fats needed in your pet’s diet to achieve maximum health benefits. In Glossy Coat Omega capsules, Omega 3, 6 and 9 work together to give many benefits to your pet: Skin – they help combat dry, flaky, itchy skin and can even protect against external bacteria. Coat – they combat dullness to leave your pet with a glossy mane and also reduce moulting throughout the seasons. Heart – they work hard in the cardiovascular system to keep your pet’s heart beating strong and steady. Joints – omegas are used to support joint health. Brain – they keep their brains ticking over and even support training and behaviour. What’s more Glossy Coat Omega capsules come in a tasty beef flavour that your pet will love. Is this right for my pet? Glossy Coat Omega is suitable for both cats and dogs to help them get the most out of life. Made in the UK.

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