What is High Strength Ginkgo Biloba? It’s an extract taken from the dried leaves of one of the oldest trees on earth. Nicknamed the ‘living fossil’ due to the fact that it’s survived unchanged for a mind-boggling 200 million years, the ginkgo biloba tree from China has been used traditionally for a wide range of purposes for centuries. Why is ours better? We use a standardised extraction process, which guarantees that each tablet contains 120mg extract rich in flavone glycosides – equivalent to 6,000mg ginkgo biloba leaves. What’s more, this high quality extract contains less than 1ppm (parts per million) of ginkgolic acid. We also add iodine, which is involved in cognitive function, as well as vitamin B5, known as pantothenic acid, which contributes to mental performance and helps combat tiredness and fatigue. Who is this for? Our vegan Ginkgo Biloba supplement is a good choice for those who want to stay mentally alert*. Made in the UK. *Contains iodine, which contributes to normal cognitive function and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), which contributes to normal mental performance and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Complementary product Memo Plus is an advanced soy-derived phospholipid complex, providing 100mg of phosphatidyl serine, DHA omega 3 fish oil plus iodine to support your cognitive function. Phospholipids form a vital part of human cell membranes, and phosphatidyl serine (a member of the phospholipid family) is mostly prominent in the membranes of brain cells.

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