The sweet rich flavour of yellowtail kingfish is very popular in Japanese sushi bars, where it is known as hiramasa. There are two very similar species of yellowtail kingfish used for sashimi, hamachi and hiramasa, depending on availability we may have either. We are selling skinless boneless sashimi strips, which you will slice yourself for the final presentation. We cannot stress enough the importance of slicing the sashimi strips with a sharp knife. If the knife isn’t sharp enough you will struggle to produce thin uniform slices and may ‘mash’ the strips in the process. When slicing the hiramasa wipe your blade clean between slices, it will move through the strip with less resistance. Our hiramasa kingfish comes from the cool fast-flowing waters of Southern Australia. The fish are filleted as soon as they are taken from the water and are sensory frozen at source (-95c). If you’re…

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