These clusters are from a very large king crab The king crab is cooked and ready to eat Take caution if reheating not to overcook Cut the legs open with kitchen scissors 1 full leg per person would be a generous serving One of the most spectacular items in our range. Our crab clusters normally have three legs each about 40+cms and a claw arm. (Occasionally the claw arm or bottom end of a leg is missing, but you’re not being charged for these as you pay by weight. You’ll always get at least three limbs.) They’re cooked and ready to eat after defrosting (but you could re-heat). The shell is pliable and can easily be cut with scissors. A leg each from the cluster would be a decent serving. Don’t forget to split open the shoulder when you are finished with the prime leg meat. Please note that these clusters are processed at sea and are therefore quite salty. Following defrosting, you…

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