The langoustine is a big prawn with an extra fine taste. It’s also known as the Dublin Bay Prawn or the Norway Lobster, and in its most popular role, as scampi – that’s what we call the meat in the tail once it has been peeled (you’ll find our scampi here ). But the langoustine is a very beautiful fish and deserves to be admired before it’s eaten. So if that’s where you are, choose these whole raw fish. These are Scottish langoustine. All packs are similar weights so fewer fish (per pack) = larger fish. The lower the count the larger the langoustine Scottish langoustines These langoustines are raw These langoustines are great when steamed, boiled or grilled Langoustines are also known as Norway lobsters and Dublin bay prawns The langoustines are frozen in a tray with a little water to keep them in place to avoid damage during transit

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