What is MenoSerene®? This dynamic duo, specifically developed for women, consists of one pink multivitamin and mineral tablet and one brown tablet blending natural plant oestrogens with flax, sage and soy extracts. The pink tablet has 12 vitamins and eight minerals that are specially selected to address the most common effects of the menopause, caused by hormonal changes. It contains calcium, vitamin D and magnesium which work together to support bone health. It also provides high levels of the vitamin B family, important for energy, including B6 which regulates hormonal activity. And we add vitamins A, C and E to keep the immune system, skin and vision in tip-top condition, while also helping combat the effects of cells’ oxidative stress. Why is ours better? Besides the specially formulated multivitamin tablet, we’ve added a combination of sage extract, flaxseed lignans and soy isoflavones, compounds known as plant oestrogens. At the menopause, levels of the hormone oestrogen drop, contributing to many of the unwanted menopause symptoms. Some research suggests that plant oestrogens may help to counteract the effects of this by mimicking the action of oestrogen in women’s bodies, although it’s important to state that there are so far no EU-approved health claims for this. Sage extract has several studies suggesting that it may be helpful in reducing hot flushes that affect 80% of women experiencing the menopause. Although this claim isn’t yet EU-approved, many women worldwide use the herb and testify to its effectiveness. Who is this for? Our vegetarian menopause tablets are ideal for women who are looking for nutritional support to help them deal with the wide-ranging changes that occur through the menopause. Made in the UK. Interested in more? Black Cohosh (THR) is one of the favourite menopause supplements and a perfect partner to MenoSerene. This licensed herbal remedy is traditionally used to help relieve menopause symptoms, such as night sweats, mood swings and irritability. Complementary product Due to its moisturising properties, Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil with added vitamin A is an ideal supplement to support the skin tissue that protects and lubricates the nose, eyelids and intimate areas, like the genito-urinary tract.

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