Yes! This Is Really Is The Gift You Don`t Need To Wrap… but EVEN BETTER… because it`s PERSONALISED! This, although I do say so myself, is simply genius. It`s a quality box, jam packed with iconic retro sweets. And the box is designed to look like it`s already gift wrapped. So you don`t have to wrap it if you dont want to – you can give it as it is! We shrink wrap the box to hold it tightly closed… and to stop any nosey recipients trying to see what`s inside before the big day! Take a look at the pictures to see just how many sweets we`ve managed to pack in. Plus there aren`t any cheap fillers in there as you can see… just top quality classic retro sweets like Sherbet Fountains, Wham Bars, Popping Candy (aka Space Dust)… and even a sack of Gold Nugget Bubblegum! And to top it all off… you can now add your own, special, personalsied message… – Qty In Order:

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