Yes! This Is Really Is The Gift Box of Sweets You Don`t Need To Wrap… but EVEN BETTER… because it`s PERSONALISED! (see how easy it is a little further down this page…) It`s a quality box, jam packed with a selection of the most iconic retro sweets you know and love. And the glossy red box is designed to look like it`s already gift wrapped. So you don`t have to wrap it if you dont want to – you can give it as it is!. Take a look at the pictures to see just how many sweets we`ve managed to pack in. Plus there aren`t any cheap filler sweets in there as you can see… just top quality classic retro sweets like Sherbet Fountains, Wham Bars, Popping Candy (aka Space Dust)… and even a Curly Wurly! And to top it all off… you can now add your own, special, personalised message… And we don`t just mean that you can type something… you can choose one of our designs, create one of your own… and you can even add one or more photos to make your gift extra special. They`ll love it! Dimensions L X W X H 26.5cm 17cm 5cm weight approx 900g – Qty In Order:

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