What is Starflower Oil? Many women will have heard of evening primrose oil and maybe even starflower oil as a popular supplement, but not as many will know that it’s the gamma-linolenic acid component of these supplements that’s important. GLA is a nutritious omega 6 fatty acid that the body can produce in small amounts; it is widely recognised by many women which find an additional boost of this fatty acid to be beneficial. Starflower Oil is the richest known natural source of gamma-linolenic acid and is commonly taken by women of all ages, from puberty onwards. Why is ours better? Our oil is manufactured from the very purest, highest quality oil extracted from the seeds of the Borago officinalis plant, commonly known as the starflower. This potent formulation will help boost your body levels of omega 6 fatty acids. Even better, our vegan capsules also provide beneficial levels of omega 9 fatty acids. Each capsule contains 1,000mg standardised starflower oil, providing 207mg omega 6 fatty acid GLA as well as 131mg omega 9 fatty acids. Who is this for? Starflower Oil 1,000mg is particularly popular with women wanting to boost their levels of gamma-linolenic acid. Made in the UK.

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