William Morris & Co – 19th Century This graceful wall tapestry has been woven on a Jacquard loom by Master Flemish weavers. Giving an exceptionally fine detail to the weave a designs which fits comfortably into today’s interiors. From an original wall hanging by William Morris 1836-1896 woven at Merton Abbey Surrey. Despite Morris’ ambitions to be a painter & his latter reputation as a writer poet publisher & political activist it is as a designer that he is most widely known. His style formed a bridge between Victorian and modern composition the emphasis of Morris’ timeless style is based on individuality & handcrafted work.Please Note:Fabrics by their nature are flexible during storage humidity and temperature may occasionally affect their shape and also cause creasing. To help a tapestry hang better we recommend using a dry iron on a ‘Cotton’ setting. Lightly iron the tapestry from the centre towards the edges [on the face]. In very extreme cases the Tapestry can be stretched by pulling the panel gently by hand diagonally.

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