What is Vitamin D3 50 Plus? Vitamin D is essential in supporting your immune system, and maintaining healthy muscles, bones and teeth. It is synthesised in the skin via exposure to sunlight, which is why it’s often referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, but in the UK, one in five of us has low levels. In fact, Public Health England recommends that a 10 microgram vitamin D supplement should be taken daily by all. Because your ability to make vitamin D in your skin declines with age, Healthspan’s Medical Director Dr. Sarah Brewer recommends a 25 microgram supplement for adults up to 50 years, and 50 micrograms per day thereafter. Why is ours better? This vegan formulation uses a plant-based form of vitamin D3. Produced from photosynthesising algae, these capsules are perfect for anyone following a vegan or plant-based diet. It’s chemically identical to animal-origin D3, meaning it provides the same great benefits to your health, immunity and wellbeing. What’s more, our 50 Plus capsules contain 50 micrograms of vitamin D3, equivalent to 1,000% NRV and ideal for those over the age of 50. Made in the UK.

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