Choose Portuguese or Cornish Always summer caught You need to clean them Sardines beg to be eaten with your fingers. They come ‘entire’ (polite-speak for guts in), so you’ll have to clean them – it is but a moment’s work not to mention good for the soul. When you’ve done that, try stuffing your sardines with baby spinach and lemon zest before grilling. We have two kinds (although one may be out of stock). Both Portuguese and Cornish are caught in teh late summer when the fish are at their best. The size varies and may be a bit larger than those in the image – up to about 100g each. How to cook them? Well, there’s no easier or better way than to get them on the grill. Featured customer reviews on our whole sardines: “Lovely Portuguese sardines – well packed and still frozen on receipt. Very nice salted and grilled on the bbq” “These Sardines are delicious. Very easy…

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