The turbot price is very high, but that is because it is a very fine fish. The flavour is superb and we fillet large fish to give sumptuous thick turbot steaks. Poach or steam to keep them moist or gently pan fry for that crispy skin effect. The minimum size of fish we use for these fillet steaks is 3kgs and for this fillet steak grade, we reserve the best centre fillet pieces (the tail end goes into our fillet portions at a useful discount and misshapes at an even bigger discount). To see our whole turbot range including whole fish and on-the-bone turbot steaks, click the link below. You might even find some turbot roe in stock. Scientific name – Scophthalmus maximus The turbot we buy for fillets are usually from Cornwall or Scotland The fillet steaks have been cut from a 3kg+ turbot The turbot fillet steaks are raw, skin-on and boneless

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