British Luxury Brand Trends

Now this is a million dollar question (excuse the pun)… what do we consider luxury brands? Of course this would include entrenched designer labels and brand-names recognised just about worldwide like Rolls Royce or Wedgewood. They probably have long-standing identities and are usually associated with sophistication, celebrities and much higher price labels.

But there is also a growing trend where niche brands and designers are creating their own community and followers with unique identities and design integrated with what I like to call a “social pact” with their customers. These days luxury brands can also include artisan, ethical or exclusive handmade products that offer that extra something special and unique to customers and are not generally easily found online. Some brands may be branded as a little exclusive – not in an attempt to separate themselves and put them above others but purely to stand apart with their unique design strategy, manufacturing process and style. Some brands may promote themselves under the banner of “affordable luxury”. This too is open to interpretation as what is affordable to one is not necessarily to another. The lines are quite blurred for sure, but if you use quality and value as the measuring staff it’s easier to define.

For instance, many new sustainable and ethical products are definitely offered at a slightly higher price compared to what you pay at the bulk buy superstores where products can barely last a season. Well that simply requires a cost vs. value analysis. Quality costs more – it just does – but it also lasts longer. Some value that more. However luxury is not just about the dollars or pounds.

To our mind it would seem that luxury brands are more likely to reflect a particular set of values and an item is not necessarily marketed for it’s price point alone; but more focused around the motivation, innovation, influence and identity associated with it.

To find the best of British we include emerging independent designers as well as British fashion icons. We promote online retailers of high end UK clothing labels as well as smaller British brands who offer unique quality items with value. If you are looking for something of the finest quality, you will find it here, however if your budget is limited we also endeavour to offer choices at a price you (and I) can afford.

I think the trend will continue to evolve as luxury and conscious brands are making a new stand and thereby redefining quality and ultimately their customer relationships and connected-ness from end to end. Customer expectations are evolving too and brands respond. It’s an interdependent relationship after all.

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